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MCD Media is an independent media organization that was established in 1989. We publish CondoLifestyles and Chicagoland Buildings & Environments.

CondoLifestyles is a quarterly publication (January, April, July, and October) with a paid circulation of 10,000 and a readership of 21,000. Distribution by U.S mail and authorized distributors to over 5000 community associations, 3000 community association developers & managers plus 500 industry professionals (architects/engineers, banks,  government agencies and Realtors).

Chicagoland Buildings & Environments published in Spring (March) and Fall (October) with a controlled circulation of 8500 and a readership of professionals including Chicago high rise buildings, real estate developers, management companies, office parks/buildings, large-scale community associations, government agencies/officials, corporate facilities, shopping malls, hospitals, universities, banks and architects/engineers.  The Landscape Buyer published in Spring and Fall as part of Chicagoland Buildings & Environments.

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