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  • Management Talks – Operations and activities impacting association management, management firms and property managers.
  • Risks & Liabilities – Insurance and risk management.
  • Case Study Corner – Legal and other professions.
  • Guest Editorial – Wacky and illogical true stories of condo decisions.
  • Transition Situations – A status report on new associations relative to developer/homeowner transition.
  • Building |Buying | Selling | Moving – New community association announcements, tips on buying, selling and moving (how to’s, how much, and checklists, etc).
  • Townhome Talk – Information and stories pertaining to townhouses.
  • Maintenance Memos – Timely and seasonal coverage of corrective, preventive and regular maintenance activities (landscaping, concrete, pools, painting, roofing, etc.).
  • Legislative & Legal Updates – Issues, laws, rules, and regulations. Local, state, and federal.
  • Money Matters – Financial, accounting and tax issues.
  • FYI – Resources and general information pertaining to community associations.
  • Columns – Calendar of Events, Event Highlights, Industry Happenings (Keeps you informed on events and changes in the industry.)

Editorial Overview

The focus of editorial content for Condo Lifestyles is the components of the successful operation of community associations. Our editorial subject matter addresses issues that challenge community associated boards, committee members and property managers as well as unit owners in Chicago proper and suburban applications. Naturally, statewide and national applications will be addressed when appropriate. We report and provide information on trends, issues, happenings, successes and concerns relative to the community association market. The following is an outline of CL’s editorial content.

Cover Story
A community association market success story (Profile of key association health factors such as reserve fund account status, assessment level, percentage of increase in resale values over five years, insurance coverage, professional accounting status, etc.)

Articles covering trends, issues, and industry events as well as additional success stories.

How can you be a part of CondoLifestyles?

Condo Lifestyles has a paid circulation and is available for a $30.00 annual subscription (individual) or a group rate of $25.00 or $20.00 per subscription, (minimum of five subscriptions mailed to the same address). Distribution is channeled through a combination of direct mailing and delivery direct to officers and directors of Common Interest Realty Associations (condominium corporations) through their Illinois state registered agent by mail or at monthly board meetings. A contractual agreement verifying distribution by agents is held for Condo Lifestyles with MCD Media. Condo Lifestyles is an independent publication produced to promote professionalism. An editorial review committee comprised of leading specialists in various aspects of the CA market help secure and review stories. Members of our advisory board provide resources and recommendations in the publication’s business development. CL also offers committee involvement for our various programs and promotions. Please inquire with the publisher if you have interest in serving on a Condo Lifestyles committee.

Why should you be part of CondoLifestyles?

Community association living is here to stay, with condos continuing to be extremely popular. There are many unique characteristics of community associations that need special attention. It takes dealing with all kinds of people and specific knowledge to really be informed about your condo home lifestyle. If you live in a condo or you know someone who does, then you should consider a subscription to Condo Lifestyles. CL is a great way to protect a condo lifestyle investment and be aware of current condo news. Whether you develop, own, manage, represent, insure, maintain, renovate, or serve CAs in any capacity, you can learn about and stay current on professional CAs operations and trends with CL. Your participation in CL will also help facilitate the information exchange among those involved with community associations, particularly the ultimate client: officers, directors and unit owners. For those who serve the public, the awareness of issues contained in this publication will help you make more informed decisions. If your firm is interested in doing business in the CA market, you will find many advantages and benefits from participating in our publication. By participating in CL, you may have the opportunity to have your story told, enhance your image, increase your credibility, build name recognition, demonstrate leadership and help make the entire market a better place to conduct business through education. We also offer special events, networking opportunities, resources and provide speakers for educational group meetings.

Membership Profiles

Readership is estimated at 21,000

  • 6,500 Community Association Officers, Directors and Unit Owners
  • 600 Property Managers
  • 400 Developers
  • 200 Public Officials/Colleagues/Associates
  • 300 Realtors
  • 500 Promotional/Show Distribution
  • 8,500 Total

CondoLifestyles (CL) , published by MCD Media, Inc. is an independant consumer magazine dedicated to covering community association lifestyles. Our foremost objective is to provide a media vehicle that is strictly oriented to community association development, sales and operations (condominiums, townhomes,co-operatives and homeowner associations). Condo Lifestyles is published quarterly in the months of January, April, July and October and disseminates timely and pertinent information for the education and improvement of the industry.

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