Chicagoland Buildings and Environments Advisory Board

Editorial Overview

Cover Story
Market Focus Articles Successful organizations, such as real estate firms, corporations, institutions, developments, public agencies, and others are nominated: one is selected for the cover story. The use of environmental industry standards, technology, professionals, leadership, reputation, awards, and special achievements are key criteria. We profile these buyers and highlight their outstanding achievements. Additional nominees are incorporated into related market focus articles. Nomination forms are available upon request.

Special Features
Award pictorials, research, key issues and concerns, useful examples and applications, etc., are covered in this manner. Since providing practical information is an important focus of CB&E, every issue will include articles and features dealing with current trends in the marketplace.

Regular trends covered include:

  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Government Briefs
  • Renewable Energy
  • Ecological Restoration
  • Recycling
  • Building Restoration & Maintenance

Association’s Avenue Provides membership profile, history, background, programs and related information on various non-profit educational organizations. Awards programs and designations are sometimes included.

Buyer Tips
Contributes valuable seasonal practical tips and ideas.

Industry Happenings / Event Highlights
Previews and recaps various special events, programs, conferences, seminars, etc. Contains information on corporate and executive news plus noteworthy items,

Terms & Trends
It offers terminology, definitions, trends, explanations, etc.

Editorial Sponsorships
CB&E will provide information, statistics, and findings based on professional research, as well as feature editorials by our staff. Parties interested in sponsoring or presenting new research should contact the publisher.

Subscription & Circulation
CB&E is available at $19.95 for an annual subscription. Qualified buyers and prospective subscribers or sponsors may receive a sample issue periodically. Consider the amount of money you manage relative to your property and secure regular delivery of the CB&E through a subscription or Authorized Distributor agreement.

Membership Profile

  • 8500 Primary Readership Developers, Owners & Property Managers of Commercial & Multi-Family Properties
  • 2975 Office Parks – Developers & Managers & Tenants
  • 1125 Community Associations (Condominium Boards & Managers)
  • 1750 Corporate Offices & Campuses
  • 400 Home Builders
  • 400 Apartments – Owners & managers
  • 300 Institutional (Hospitals, Government, Universities, etc.)
  • 250 Shopping Malls & Retail Centers
  • 200 Park Districts & Schools
  • 200 Golf Courses
  • 400 Promotional Distribution
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